Ron Phillips

Lead vocals
In 1970 Ron started climbing up the ladder of his musical way of success. Together with Rudi he founded their 1st band in 1977. In 1980 Ron left the band and joined XANTILON in Switzerland. In 1982 Ron became the lead singer of the Suisse rock legend and black leather hard rock band BLACK ANGELS. In this time Ron set milestones in the young book of the Suisse hard rock scene. The BLACK ANGELS were in line with KROKUS and CHINA. After tours through Europe the BLACK ANGELS were split up in 1985. After his time Ron joined different bands and founded together with Rudi in 1995 their own musical dream in a own music project. During this development it was the right way to restart “Ron Phillips BLACK ANGELS”. Ron is known as charismatic and perfect front man - according to the voice of WHITESNAKE, David Coverdale. Ron is a real Entertainer.


Michael "Mikel" Enders

Michael initiated his music carrier also in 1977. The first band was split up in 1982. During the next years Michael joined different bands like AYDEN (together with Thilo Herrmann from RUNNING WILD and GRAVE DIGGER), BEAST (for technical support) and JR CRUZ (Forgive him, if he forgot some). In this time Michael played also together with Ron at different sessions and projects. And it was a dream of Ron and Michael that they want to found a common band project. But Ron and Michael were always established in different bands. In 2003 the dreams became true and Michael joined the band of Ron and Rudi. Michael plays a powerful bass guitar and like a strong live acting. It’s Michael’s main goal that the ordinance should feel the truth and the fun of making music – with a bulk of self-mockery.


Marc "the shark" Weber

Marc “the shark” got many experience in former Metal, Rock and coverbands like Acrimony, Artconvention and Stoned-Henge. He started his career in 1995 and joined the band with Michael in 2003. For his drumming balance Marc did and do actually some studio jobs and he is also the drummer of TREMORS. Marc is obviously the youngest member of the band… (smile) and get his extended drumming skills by the teamwork with Dani Loeble, the drummer of HELLOWEEN. His powerful interaction with the bass guitar of Michael is one of the most outstanding attribute of “Ron Phillips BLACK ANGELS”.


André Bradtka

got many experience in former Metal and Rocknads like Avaritius, Dark Eternal und Eyes2close. André started his career in 2002 and joined the BLACK ANGELS in 2019. The feeling and the power of his guitar hits the Black Angels perfect.
André is obviously the youngest member of the band… (smile) Andrés Leadguitar and will be an additional most outstanding attribute of “Ron Phillips BLACK ANGELS”.