The legendary Black Angels are back after 24 years and their essence has not been corrupted by time since 1979. The swiss band is formed by singer and front man Ron Phillips (Boyscout), guitarist Rudi Martin, bass player Michael Enders and drummer Mark “the shark”. Those who love the band and its “Kickdown” album won’t be disappointed by the new record “Changes-The last decades”. This record is the living proof of a pure and thrilling instant of creativity, this will be so evident when you will listen to the very first track of the album: “Shine on”; the song perfectly embodies Black Angels’ strenght and attitude. This track rushes out thanks to Ron Phillips expressive, powerful voice and to electrifying riffs. They spoil and conquer us with their hard rock and with songs like "Walking Away", "Changes", "The Evil", "Right on down the Road", the slow and thoughtful “Talking to Angels” and the delicate ballad "Changes II" wich charms the listeners and attracts their attention. The sound of the band is modern but yet, somehow, classic thanks to a strong rhythm section and to a thrilling performance. This album will fit perfectly in every rocker’s discography; everyone will be able to enjoy the band’s amazing comeback on the scene. I listened to "Changes – The last Decades" over and over again and I really think it’s brilliant. You should buy it immediately!

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AngelDevil: Hi Ron, how are you?

Ron: Thanks, I’m fine, just doing a lot of promotional work for the Black Angels CD and also rehearsing a lot for the upcoming concerts next month in Switzerland.

AngelDevil: Why your band splitted up? What’s the reason about the great return on the scene of Black Angels after so many years of silence a come back now?

Ron: Just as indicated: the band advanced very quickly. Right after publishing the first album, there were gigs and we went on tour with Mothers Finest, Alvin Lee Band, Ten Years After, etc. Following the release of the second album "Kickdown" this went on just as it had started: chart entry with the LP and single, tours as support act of Uriah Heep and Whitesnake, European release of “Kickdown” and then the climax: almost five weeks tour support for Nazareth in the UK. In addition we had TV gigs and produced two video clips.

After that, the band made every single mistake you can only think of. To give you just one example: we signed off the existing record company deal, because we were offered a MUUUCH better one from another company. Then it all went downhill very fast. Band members changed – and this is mostly the end of a good band. It was just the same with us...

In the course of the years I often played Black Angels songs with different bands and lots of people asked for CDs or LPs. I always loved these songs and kept them alive during live sessions. At one point it came into my mind: why not give the fans more than just a few songs? Why not have a revival of the Black Angels? And here we are!

AngelDevil: Lets talk about the new record. "Changes – The last Decades" is an amazing album. The title, does that refer to how you feel about the band’s career, your life?

Ron: Yes, that`s right. Life and music goes through many changes for me, but after all that changes I realized that my heart always stay true to what I love most in music: Guitar driven, melodic hard rock with great hook lines.

AngelDevil: How long did it take to record the album?

Ron: Most of the songs were recorded last year in a 6 month period. A few songs are a little bit older. One song (Water to the well) was laid down in the studio of a good friend who often do the pre-production of the Uriah Heep records.

AngelDevil: I've got the feeling that since "Shine On"; you found the good formula to write powerful melodic hard rock song. Am I true?

Ron: Thank you for that compliment, but I don’t think there is any formula to write successful songs…otherwise there must be a million of rock`n roll millionaires. As I said: You can only try to write the best songs that are in your head and your heart. When someone likes it: You’re lucky!

AngelDevil: I agree. Which is the song that you mostly loved or which is the one that gave you much inspiration in that project? I have to say that I fell in love for "Right on Down The Road" and of course "Shine On".

Ron: When you have kids you can’t say which of them you love most. You love them all! The same with our songs: I love them all, some day a special song a little bit more.. Right now it’s “Song of glory” and “Burn baby burn“. See what tomorrow will bring..

AngelDevil: If you had to convince a reader of the webzine to buy "Changes – The last Decades", what would you say to him ?

Ron: Do you like music in the tradition of bands like Whitesnake Scorpions, Journey or Deep Purple? I mean: Do you like straight forward rockin`songs with a guitar and a voice who has something to say?-I think, then you will love the BLACK ANGELS Changes Album. Give us a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

AngelDevil: Which is the bestseller album connected with your discography? Which song or album does represent your style better?

Ron: Best selling album was “ Kickdown “.We did a lot of promotional work and gigs for this one. We do a lot of touring when this album came out, supporting Whitesnake in Switzerland and for 5 weeks NAZARETH in the UK. It’s also the album who has all the trademarks, in the past and now for the BLACK ANGELS sound. Riff orientated and highly melodically.

AngelDevil: Would you want to tell me more about members of the band?

Ron: I played with many fantastic guitar players during my time. Some were technically brilliant, others great entertainers, but no one was able to transmit emotions and strength like Rudi does. He brings the songs to life and at concerts he plays like if there was nothing else. There is no other for this position

Mikel our bass player and I wanted to do something together for 20 years now, but there was always something coming in between. I always appreciated his groovy and powerful play and his way of arranging songs. We are a great team.

Marc is the drummer in the band and must be in charge of the girls.. just kidding! He is highly talented and he can just play everything. We are busy all the time to keep him from being lured away by other renowned bands. The coolest drummer I ever met, and he rocks like nuts. That’s why we call him Marc the "shark…

AngelDevil: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far as a musician?

Ron: First of all: the moment in 1983 when I first held the Kickdown LP in my hands with the knowledge that this record was just released all over Europe. Amazing!!! Also the possibility to share a lot of stages with other great bands like IN EXTREMO WHITESNAKE-MANFRED MANNS EARTHBAND-NAZARETH-MOTHERS FINEST-URIAH HEEP-BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST and many others.

AngelDevil: Something I didn’t ask while your fans would like to know about you?

Ron: In which country do you want to play, where you haven’t been in you career?

NO JOKE, I`ve been all over Europe but I’ve never played any concert in ITALY!!

Can you help me to change that immediately???


AngelDevil: Ok Ron, we’re done. Thank you very much for your availability, and I hope to see you play in Milan soon!