Regular visitors of Metal To Infinity webzine know that we have a burning passion for old school Hard Rock and Metal music. It's in our veins - we like to show / share our admiration for Classic stuff with all of you checking our homepage on from time to time. A huge package of old school bands passed already the revue - be sure many more will in within immense time!

Yeah, I'm proud to announce a very special release from band (maybe for some of you pretty unknown) but I'd like to stick my hands into the fire and while saying that Swiss based Black Angels brought me unforgettable moments by bringing out a few excellent albums like: ''Hellmachine'', ''Kickdown'' and ''Black And White'' way back in the early eighties. They had more albums behind their name but these three mentioned ones are lying still fresh in my mind - just like yesterday releases.

Never before available on CD so brothers and sisters into Classic Hard Rock and Metal stuff... this is the ultimate opportunity to make your CD collection even more complete. A band like Black Angles belongs in every vintage Rock and Metal maniac's collection so... take your chances for this limited 4 CD box set containing, besides those three earlier mentioned titles, also the albums ''Broken Spell'' and ''Changes'' (which is their brand new effort officially worked out in 2009)!

Each CD fulfilled with bonus tracks, many pages counting and good looking booklet including background history, lyrics, inties - the production is well done,... once again, a real 'must-have' for the true defenders of Classic Hard Rock and Metal. We reviewers only received a snap of the entire package, I mean a few songs from each albums we received but I don't care about that at all. I knew Black Angels from many years ago, always a great band to me and I'm really pleased to know that Karthago Records spoiled us all with this 4 box CD set.

Feels good to hear Ron Phillips' voice again after such a long time - unique to the bone, this guy and the rest of the original band members deserve a statue - a medal of honour for the awesome works delivered trough several decades in pure Rock & Metal. To the unfamiliar, curious ones - Black Angels plays typical Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music I'd like to compare with other troops as The Glory Bells Band, Parasite, Trance, early Scorpions,... guys into NWOBHM better look out for Black Angels too, you won't be disappointed!

They're back on the trax and ready to Rock and Roll again - new album just released, the next months they will hit the road to deliver several live acts - stay clear minded and be there watching Black Angels bringing on a brand new live performance perhaps in your own neighbourhood. Approximately 280 minutes of nostalgia available through Karthago Records... 4 CD's, five albums, a lot of bonus songs and more goodies to enjoy - make the right decision and order now right HERE. MY POINTS: 89 / 100